Newly Admitted

As a new student, please report to the College of International Education as soon as possible after your arrival at the campus. We will help to arrange your study and life on campus for the new semester.

Address for registration

Room 207, College of International Education


Documents needed for registration


 8 newly taken photo (3.5*5.2cm,passport-sized with white-colored background

 JW201/JW202 form

 Original admission letter

 Original copy of your last academic degree and tran .

 Health examination record (You will need to take another health examination after entering China, but you can waive the items you have done at home country)

 School transfer certificate (applicable to those who are transferred from other universities in China)

 Your birth certificate, guardian certificate and the xerox copy of your parents’ passports (applicable to students under 18 years old; the birth certificate and guardian certificate goes into effect only after being translated into Chinese authenticated by your local Chinese Embassy)

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