• Yongxue Zhang

    Dean of the College of 
    International Education
  • Xiaoqing Liu

    Vice dean of the College of 
    International Education
  • Ning Wang

    Section Head
    Student Affairs Office
  • Liangyu Shi

    Admissions Officer
  • Zhuoqing Xu

    International Student 
  • Andrew Mbigiti

    Admissions Officer
  • Rahman Bayramdurdyyev

    UG Student Co-ordinator
  • Xiaosong Zhu

    PG Student Co-ordinator
    Admissions Office
  • China University of Petroleum, Beijing resumed admission for international students from 1994. Aiming at cultivating professionals with international horizon and strong competence, the University has paid many efforts and made great achievements in improving the quality of education as well as expanding the enrollment of the students in these years.

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