【Alumni Presentation 】Outstanding Graduate of 2020 -- Septian Tri Nugraha

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Hi, my name is Septian Tri Nugraha. I’m a graduate student from Indonesia. Before I start to talk about my outstanding feature, let me introduce myself.

Basically, I am the last child my parents have。 I am living in a small city called Cimahi where I found many reasons why I need to stay in this city for the rest of my life。 My family is not that rich or even poor, yet we are enough。 My father has a small business related to the internet provider and my mother is an elementary school teacher。 My sister is a midwife and my brother is an admin QC of one of the biggest farming online markets in Indonesia。

In 2016, I got my Bachelor's degree in Petroleum Engineering from Bandung Institute of Technology and Science, Indonesia。 A year after I got an acceptance letter from CUPB for pursuing my master's in the same department yet with a specific major that is oil and natural gas engineering。 During the first year of study in CUPB, I got tremendous performance in class with 86% of the average score。 My research proposal was successfully accepted by the college with a 95% score。 Not only that, outside the university I have participated in some conferences related to the petroleum industry。  These outstanding achievements sent me to be an outstanding student in 2018。

In 2018, my study performance increased with the achievements I got from the conferences. I got 3rd winner of the student paper competition in 2 different places which are China and Croatia. I got my paper published in the Annual Student Energy Congress (ASEC) 2019, Zagreb, Croatia. This year I also was active to go to one of the biggest conferences related to petroleum engineering that was IPTC (International Petroleum Technology Conference). These achievements made me be the outstanding student in 2019. Not only about academic performance, but I was also actively participating in Experience China, sports, and other social activities. I learned Chinese for 6 months and learned Chinese culture. In 2019, I had an opportunity to do an internship as a Reservoir Engineer in PetroChina International Indonesia. So, all those achievements and activities have sent me as an outstanding graduate in 2020.

For me, being an outstanding graduate student is outstanding。 Something which is important for me during my study in CUPB for getting these achievements was to be able to control myself not to be lazy all the time and keep doing best for myself and others。 Finally, I would like to say that studying at CUPB is also outstanding。 I have had an opportunity to interact and know each other and living in diversity which made me really grateful。 I love CUPB, I love the atmosphere, I love the spirit, I love the teamwork, and I love all the things I have got during my study in China。

Thank you so much and congratulations to all graduates of the 2020 class, I wish you all the best for your future. I’ll see you guys again in the near future. 

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