【Alumni Presentation 】Outstanding Graduate of 2020 -- Osuji Nicholas Izuchukwu

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I am OSUJI, Nicholas Izuchukwu, a Nigerian citizen and a recent master’s graduate of Oil and Gas Field Development Engineering for summer 2020 graduating class. I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Federal University of Technology Owerri, Nigeria. I commenced my master’s degree program in fall of 2017 and it has been 3 long years. According to the university’s program, the first year involves compulsory coursework and subsequent years for research. My journey towards achieving this feat has been rigorous, challenging, enlightening and interesting. Owing to my resilience and dedication, I did not capitulate but rather pushed through the difficult tide. I have been involved in series of group research relating to hydraulic fracturing technologies in my Laboratory under my advisor’s supervision which led to the publication of our research findings in high impact journals. Consequently, my thesis research focus was a nexus of the knowledge I have acquired in both mechanical, and oil and gas engineering.

Having maintained excellent grades, I attended academic seminars and conventions in and out of the campus to broaden my knowledge, and expand my reach in oil and gas industry. However, I did not limit myself to academic activities. Accordingly, I participated in various social and extra-curricular activities like; (a) The Cultural Festivals organized by the College of International Education in 2017 and 2019, (b) The Experience China Program, a socio-cultural immersion program for international students, (c) Field Trip to Panjin Oilfield, (d) Leisure trips to Great Wall and other historical and cultural sites, (d) Asia-Africa Cultural Festival (e) International Student Volunteer work. Furthermore, I indulged in sporting activities like; Table Tennis tournament, and International Student’s Football Competition. These activities enriched my knowledge of China’s Cultural endowment and helped shape my experience in China University of Petroleum Beijing (CUPB) and China.

The outstanding student’s award which encompasses academic performance, also implore students to successfully participate in leadership, extracurricular and social activities in the university。 Due to my all-round involvement and performance, I bagged the Outstanding International Postgraduate Student Award twice for 2017/2018 and 2018/2019 academic sessions。 Also, I have been selected for the Outstanding International Graduate Award for summer 2020 graduating class。

My master’s program at CUPB has made me more perspicacious。 Furthermore, it has availed me the opportunity to develop salient skills like; computational, mathematical, analytical and interpersonal。 This has solidified my engineering background, hence will enable me circumvent the intense and rigorous future that lies ahead in academia or industry。

I am grateful for the opportunity to have met students and teachers with great minds from diverse backgrounds。 I appreciate my supervisor, mentor, friends and the networks I have made since my stay at CUPB。 I am also thankful to my parents and siblings for their support and encouragement。 This journey would not have been successful without your understanding, love, prayers and encouragement。 Finally, I am appreciative of the CSC sponsorship which was instrumental for completion of my master’s program。 Thank you!


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