Online meeting notice for newly admitted students (2020/21 Academic year) (Notice 9)

Time: 2020-08-30 14:04:18 | Click:328


We shall be holding an online meeting of orientation and clarification will be made on a few issues as far as reporting for the semester, update on sending admission documents, guidelines for students currently not in China and also to hear your views with regards to your preparation for reporting for the new semester etc.


The meeting will be held on September 1st 2020, (18:00 Beijing time, GMT +8Hrs), the meeting details have been sent to each student’s email。 Please ensure that you have a working zoom application and have good internet connectivity on that day。


We would also like students to FILL THE QUESTIONNAIRE THROUGH THE LINK BELOW to help us best know the situation of each student and decide a way forward for the new semester


See you during the meeting and stay safe!

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